I love helping writers grow at whatever stage they are in. I know from personal experience that one-on-one guidance can be the most helpful and the fastest way to success. I graduated with a degree in Writing, Editing, and Publishing from Indiana University, and I’ve been working as an editor ever since. I’m pleased to offer my services to you!


All critiques include in-line comments as well as a letter with detailed feedback.

  • One-Page Query Letter – $30
  • One- to Five-Page Outline/Synopsis – $45
  • Six- to Ten-Page Outline/Synopsis – $85
  • Ten- to Fifteen-Page Outline/Synopsis – $125
  • First Five Pages – $55
  • First Chapter or Chapter of Choice (up to 15 pages) – $125
  • Proposal Review – includes cover letter, overview, one- to three-page synopsis, about the author, target market, competitive works, and first three chapters (up to fifty pages) – $445

Mentoring Calls

Want to talk through your story or receive guidance about the best next steps for your career? A mentoring call is focused around what you need to grow and succeed.

  • One-hour Skype or phone call – $45
  • Two-hour Skype or phone call – $75

Full Manuscript Services

All full manuscript services include in-line comments, a letter with detailed feedback on the whole novel, and a one-hour Skype or phone call.

  • Developmental/Content Editing: This edit focuses on the big-picture aspects of your story, such as plot, structure, characterization and writing style. – $0.03/word
  • Line Editing: This edit focuses on the finer points of writing, such as voice, word choice, POV confusion, repetition, and more. – $0.04/word
  • Combination of Development and Line Editing: This package is highly recommended for first-time authors and self-publishing authors. The novel will receive two rounds of editing to give you the strongest story from the bottom up. The goal of this combination package is to ready authors to query agents and publishers or to self publish. – $0.065

*Authors who purchase a full manuscript service will receive a 15% discount on all critique and mentoring call services.

If your project doesn’t quite fit the services above, never fear! Shoot me an email at megan.americaneditor [at] to discuss your requirements. I will be more than happy to help.¬†